Forest Heavens 
Relaxing Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

I Need To Cancel My Appointment, What Should I Do?
We appreciate a 24 hour notice but we do understand that life happens and this is not always possible. Please try to give us a much of a notice as possible and we will understand.Thanks.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we do.

Do You Sell Gift Certificates?
Yes. You can either call the office or order them online.

Will I Be Draped?
Yes, you will lay under a sheet during the massage and only the body covered being worked on will be exposed.

What Do I Wear During The Massage?
Many people prefer to keep their underwear or briefs on during a massage, while others prefer to go completely naked. However, you can keep on whatever clothes you like and the massage therapist will work around your comfort levels. 

Will The Massage Therapist Be There When I Undress?
No, the massage therapist will leave the room while you undress and will knock before entering.

I Do Not Want Certain Areas Touched, Is That Ok?
Yes, just tell the massage therapist that you prefer her not to work on a certain area.

What Do I Do During The Massage Treatment?
Your only job is to lay there and enjoy the massage. The massage therapist will do all the work.

I Do Not Like The Pressure But Am Afraid Of Insulting The Massage Therapist, What Should I do?
Communicate with the massage therapist. The massage is about you and the therapist will adjust the pressure to your comfort level.

How Will I Feel After The Massage?
Most people feel relaxed, some feel a sense of relief from the release of long term tension. Others may feel sore for a day or two after the massage, depending on the type of massage they have received. This usually only occurs with deep tissue massage.
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